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A Bead for Change
Working to end domestic violence one bead at a time.

A Bead for Change 

Donating 10% to end domestic violence


As a service to our customers, we buy gold and silver. We pay 80-90% of the spot price. This is the highest amount paid in the area. Give us a call at 608-469-0039 to set up an appointment.

Almost everything we buy we use in our jewelry by re-purposing old jewelry, by refining it into settings and wire, or by reselling the piece. 

We offer free appraisals of everything gold and silver including jewelry, scrap gold, dental gold, sterling silver silverware, and much more. An appraisal usually takes 5-30 minutes, and we pay in CASH.

Every appraisal is free, and you have no obligation to sell your items. The prices we pay are far higher than jewelry, coin, and antique shops in the area.

We started a website with information about our gold and silver buying. Visit indianapolisgoldbuyer.webs.com to learn more

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